Women’s rights in Iceland – The strike in Iceland 24th of October 2023

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Women and non-binary persons in Iceland are going on a strike today, October 24th.

The history of women’s rights in Iceland

In 1975 on the same day, women in Iceland went on strike to fight discrimination and gender based inequality. The importance of showing what would happen for society without women being at work.

The women strikers left work at 2:05 PM in 1975 to stress when women stopped being paid compared to men.

In 2005 they left at 2:08 PM, reflecting the amount of progress made over the previous 30 years.

In 2018 women left their jobs at 2:55 PM.

It is evident that equality has not been reached and that the status of women’s rights in Iceland leaves a lot to be desired.

Where are we now when it comes to equality?

Now the women will strike the whole day and – not only from work but also from their duties at home. Research shows that equality at home is far from being fair and that is what is high on the agenda on this day in Iceland in 2023.

In Iceland we have made progress and we are proud of the power that has come from women standing together. We are proud of our first woman president, Vigdís, who was also the first democratically elected woman President in the world, and many achievements made by extraordinary women, not only in Iceland but around the world.

But it’s not enough, and the fight continues for equal rights on every level. It’s an equality battle for everyone, not only women.

Here is a personal story about my great grandmother and the importance of  women standing together.

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The level of women’s rights in Iceland is something we are proud of even though the work isn’t nearly done.

Here is more on this event in the international press reporting on this event. 

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