Planning a trip to Iceland? Time to start planning for summer

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Summer has gone here in Iceland. So why am I already writing about summer and not the northern lights? So, even as the nights become darker, right now is actually the time to get into action if you are planning a trip to Iceland in the summer of 2024.

With its mid-Atlantic location, reasonable airfares and the policy of local airlines of offering “free” stopovers of up to seven days, Iceland will continue to be a very popular destination.

Photo by Helga Stina

Why should you think about summer in October?

The biggest problems this creates are around accommodation and crowding around major tourist locations when it comes to planning a trip to Iceland.

Summer accommodation is the biggest challenge.

The amount of available accommodation has not risen to meet the new levels of tourist demand, and a lot of the accommodation that is available – like converted office buildings, and even converted warehouses – doesn’t represent great comfort value.

Photo by Helga Stina

Additionally, hotels in the most popular locations – regardless of their quality – will push rates to astronomical levels to travelers booking late through online booking services and other public sites. This can particularly affect those travelers trying to cover the entire “ring road” around the country, as accommodations in Iceland’s East and South are particularly prone to price spikes or a lack of availability.


Planning a trip to Iceland? Why do you need a travel planner?

If you do want to come to Iceland in the summer, having a knowledgeable Iceland travel planner can be the difference between having an itinerary that combines great scenery, distinctive lodging and great experiences, and a mad dash around the ring road scrambling between overpriced and unappealing accommodations.

Through my travel planning service, Iceland Unwrapped, I can help summer visitors not only find proven quality accommodation, but also help them determine how to make the best use of their limited time here.

One thing that makes Iceland Unwrapped unique is that we focus on helping visitors find hidden gems, especially in those less-traveled areas that have the beauty and space that Iceland is known for.

Photo by Helga Stina

Iceland is a place to get energised, to feel nature, and increase the connection to yourself and to the people on your path. Summer is a great time to do that – but if you want to have a great summer visit, you need to start thinking – and planning – right now.

You can start your Iceland summer trip now by visiting: www.icelandunwrapped.com

You can also contact Helga Kristin Fridjonsdottir for further information

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