Missing Iceland: Why Visiting Once Is Never Enough

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What I would like to share with you is the feeling of missing Iceland that my clients have experienced.

Many of us probably recognize the feeling of being sad about our vacation ending, having to go back to the routine of everyday life.

At Iceland Unwrapped we are very focused on making the travel experience more than just a trip. But a way of connecting people together and connecting the traveler to nature, people and the culture of Iceland.

In many cases people are having a hard time leaving and missing Iceland before they leave. Many even want to move and start a life on this rock in the North Atlantic.

If you do it right you’ll be missing Iceland before you even leave

That is exactly what makes this work worthwhile. We never wanted Iceland Unwrapped to be a typical travel company and we never wanted people to come only once. Iceland is such an extraordinary place, with an abundance of natural attractions. This is why you need time to explore, and also just to be here. With your cup of coffee, reading a book and looking at the glacier in front of you. Or even with a glass of something else in one of the geothermal hot tubs admiring the stars or the Northern lights if they decide to make an appearance.

My clients from the Netherlands wanted to meet me for breakfast a few days after the end of their journey. Since I was living in the Netherlands at the time, I was happy to do so. Although I had no indicators that they had a negative experience, I was very worried that they were going to share with me some disappointments of the trip. I arrived pretty stressed to the café when one of the group members said “We just wanted to meet you, to tell you how wonderful it was, to show you some pictures, and to start the process of our next trip to Iceland with you”.

By realizing that they were missing Iceland and by meeting me and sharing, they prolonged their journey. They could also start looking forward to the next time.

Give yourself the time you need to enjoy and experience the true Iceland

This is what Iceland does to you when you give yourself the time to get connected and experience the feeling of Iceland.

My clients from South America, recently came to Iceland to celebrate a big birthday. They told me on the last day of the journey that they wanted to move to Iceland. Of course not everyone is able to move to Iceland, but the feeling of wanting to, and the feeling of missing something special that you have been a part of, even though it is only for a week, makes the journey more than a trip. It makes it unforgettable and sometimes even life changing.

More on how to start the process of visiting Iceland with Iceland Unwrapped on www.icelandunwrapped.com

Beautiful winter photo by Piotr Krajewski

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