Destination engagements – Popping the question in Iceland

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Destination weddings have long been popular.  But now, a new trend is emerging – destination engagements – which offer a different kind of uniquely romantic travel experiences.

One place seeing some “destination engagement” traffic is Iceland.  Helga Stina, an Iceland-based travel planner, said “I’m starting to see more interest in destination engagements. It’s possible to do an amazing destination engagement for a fraction of the cost and hassle of a destination wedding, and inn many ways, create an event more people can enjoy and participate in.”

Why get engaged in Iceland?

Iceland offers so many incredibly scenic and romantic locations. But as the country is very popular as a tourist destination, it is important to know where to go to get the peace and beauty needed for such an important event in people´s lives.

Helga Stina is no stranger to destination engagements, having been engaged in 2016 to her now-husband Mike Klein, who “popped the question” while they were on a visit to the romantic town of Sintra in Portugal.  “A destination engagement can either be planned in secret by the person proposing and include the proposal itself, or it could be a celebration that involves a trip and tour with the happy couple and a select collection of friends.” 

Photo by Heida HB photographer – http://www.heidahb.com/

Those who are seeking to involve friends and family sometimes opt for staging the “proverbial question” at a notable location, with a video crew in tow.  Less intrusive approaches include slideshows to be shown at a home-town engagement party or on one’s social media presence. Having a photographer appearing at the perfect moment is also possible adding the extra magic to the moment and having a memory in a photo through life. 

Photo by Piotr Krejewski – A proposal under the Northern Lights is unforgettable

Adding nature and people

“Tours guided by locals to the more rugged natural areas of Iceland, such as the glaciers and the Highlands, or meeting Icelanders through culture and dining experiences, add extra spice and warmth for those who would like to share this moment with good people. My partners in Iceland go the extra mile for our clients, and that is precious on occasions like these,” Helga Stina added. “Timing is also important. What fits your plan and what you are excited about when in Iceland”. 

A proposal under a waterfall is unforgettable – Photo by Helga Stina

Iceland is a popular destination because of its accessibility to the US and Europe, its breathtaking scenery, geothermal pools (which have been the site of more than a few proposals over the years, according to local sources) and the wintertime visibility of the Northern Lights.  Having the options of different great locations to “pop the question” is essential to ensure the right moment is treasured for this important event in people´s lives. 

Other locations Helga Stina recommends are Lucca in Italy, Delft in the Netherlands, Sintra in Portugal, the island of Zakynthos in Greece, Ljubljana in Slovenia, Kotor Bay in Montenegro and Sedona in Arizona.

Hot pot in the snow is perfect for a proposal – Photo by Helga Stina

Are you planning to pop the question?

For more information on destination engagements in Iceland Contact Helgastina at Iceland Unwrapped for the best in Icelandic travel via Iceland Unwrapped at www.icelandunwrapped.com

We are thankful for the pictures from our partner Heida HB photography and Silvio and Jo, our dear clients that got engaged in Iceland.

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