Is there an authentic way to visit Iceland?

A respectful visit to one of the gems of the world


Iceland is a very popular destination at the moment.

When I tell people about my firm, Iceland by helgastina, everyone I meet says either that Iceland is one of their dream destinations, or that they have been there and would gladly go again. Very flattering for an Icelander to receive such good feedback.

But should I just recommend everyone to jump on a plane and go to Iceland as soon as possible?

Well that would have been the case some years ago when Iceland was still a bit unknown and people had to be persuaded to go there for a visit. Questions like “Isn´t it just horribly cold?,” “isn´t it very cold?,” “isn´t it too cold?” were the most common ones.

My answer used to be a little briefing on the historic misunderstandings of the names of Greenland and Iceland, or I would explain that it would be ok to be cold in Iceland because of the geothermally heated pools. Or I would calm people down telling them that there is no such thing as bad weather in modern times, only insufficient clothing.


Now when these issues are not stopping people from travelling to my country, another challenge has emerged.

Too many tourists.

It might sound a bit weird from an Iceland Travel Planner to tell you that Iceland has too many tourists, but it is true. And the aim of Iceland by helgastina Travelplanner is to connect people and to ensure that people get a unique experience when travelling to Iceland. Not a standard touristy solution that is supposed to fit everyone. That is so not Iceland in my opinion.

When travelling to Iceland nowadays, you need to know where to go, what to see, who to meet to get the real Iceland, the peace, the power of nature, the hospitality of the people and amazing food, of course.

That is why my mission is even more clear to me now than ever before since I started this adventure.

Iceland is crowded with tourists, placing massive burdens on the infrastructure, especially at over-touristed sites like the Blue Lagoon. But Iceland does have a lot of space, and there are still many breathtaking and under-touristed sites and experiences to be found.


As a travel planner who specializes in creating adventures off the beaten path, I would be delighted to help to make your visit a respectful one towards the precious nature, history and people of Iceland.

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