Iceland Travel Planning – Why I do it and why you need it

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Why have I been doing personalized Iceland travel planning? And why should I do it for you?

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The feeling of offering the extra experience, feeling and “wow” to my clients on their trips to Iceland is an essential part of my reason for doing this work.

Iceland is not a difficult place to get people to visit.

Normally when I mention that I am coming from Iceland the reaction is positive.

The challenge with planning is that many people have fixed ideas on what to see and experience – especially as Iceland is easily one of the most “instagrammed” places on earth.

No wonder, as the beauty of nature is stunning and ever changing, depending on season, light and weather. The endless possible natural pearls in the country open up for so many possibilities to see and enjoy to the fullest.

But what makes people contact me for their trip to Iceland, through their personal networks or via the internet?

Photo by Helga Stina at Iceland Unwrapped
  1. My clients want to see “hidden gems” on their path – rather than just copy their friends´ Instagram shots

Although Iceland is fairly big by European standards, with many amazing attractions, the trend has been for most travelers to vistit the same places as those who came before them. It is easy to get the information you need.

But what has been happening in the last years is that people want to avoid the crowds, and get to know something special, something that no one in their worlds have seen or done before. As every plan is unique, this gives the travelers certainty that they have their own personal plan.

This makes my job more fulfilling because I get to play with the endless options and possibilities in each plan, having needs and wishes of my clients in mind. Every workday is different and that keeps the work exciting.

2. Planning with time to spare starts the trip ahead of time

Dreaming is important, as is the “the looking forward to” as well when people plan their travel.

When you start the process early (for example in November, December or January for a summer visit, or even a year earlier as some do), you can look forward to it for a longer time. It’s good for us to look forward to something and if we can make the feeling last, even better.

You also get a much better shot at finding the kind of accommodation you need in the locations that are most worth visiting.

Iceland is also not a place to go on a spontaneous vacation anymore. There´s too much pressure on accommodations and it´s nearly impossible to book as you go.

Due to the popularity of this place, booking of hotels and activities needs to be done in a timely fashion, especially for the summer season from June to September. In 2022 the travel season has grown well into the winter months and earlier in the spring so better to plan ahead and enjoy the looking forward to.

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3. Having someone to look after you while in Iceland makes a huge difference

Traveling in a new place, a place like Iceland, with ever changing weather conditions, possibilities of earthquaces and volcanic eruptions, can be challenging, not to mention one with a language where the words look similar, and are hard for foreigners to pronounce and spell.

My clients who want to get the most out of their experience would like to avoid using their precious time to deal with what can come up on a trip like this. That’s why a travel planner is essential to assist with changes come up in the program, due to all kinds of reasons.

Being a project manager and a problem solver, this is something that really excites and motivates me, and one of the things my customers appreciate the most.

4. Connecting with the locals – not just a wish but an exciting opportunity

Many of my clients contact me as they would like to connect with the people living in Iceland through music or dining experiences.

Working with my network on finding the perfect host for Dining with the Icelanders or a musical experience in the home of the musicians is a real treat for me both as person and as a travel planner. There is nothing like connecting people together that would in all likelihood never had connect unless through Iceland Unwrapped. It works both ways. Enjoyable and inspiring both for the hosts and the guests.

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In closing

Using a personal travel planner isn´t the cheapest way to visit Iceland. But it is one of the easiest, and the cost of planning can be offset when one finds those less popular sights and locations that actually are the ones that can make an Iceland trip truly unique and special. My customers have ranged from couples with small children to groups from major universities, public sector and private sector organizations.

More on personalized travel planning on www.icelandunwrapped.com

Photos by Helga Stina at Iceland Unwrapped

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