What is the first thing you do in Iceland? By Helga Stina

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One of the important factors of the Iceland experience is the first impression.
It depends a bit on what season you choose to visit and how you are as a traveler.

In my interviews with my clients, in the early stages of the travel planning process, this is one of the questions I ask. What kind of a traveler are you? Do you and your co travelers want a full program, every day, some days, calm days in between, calm days the whole vacation, and so on.

It depends on the group and the season.

What I encourage people to do is to have the first impression spectacular and unforgettable. It depends on the travelers what will tick those boxes. This is what Iceland Unwrapped helps with in a full travel plan.

A hot tub in the winter under the northern lights is one of the options, when they appear of course.

Midnight sun by a glacier in June.

A pool visit when traveling with children.

A great restaurant with a view.

Meeting the locals to get inspired before your journey.

The options are endless.

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