The only way is up – Keep dreaming – Start planning

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I guess many of you, like me are wondering if this covid situation will ever end. Will there ever be a covid free world again. Many things have come to a standstill and the travel industry is one of those things.

But what is there to do? There are many aspects on how to address this issue and reasons why it is important.

  1. Tourism will never stop. People have always, since beginning of mankind wanted to explore the world around them and that is not going to change. It´s an important part of being human, connecting with people and places. Keep dreaming. Start planning. Even though you don´t see yourselves traveling until 2021, start contacting those who can assist you in planning your dream vacation. For example to Iceland.

2. There are a lot of great people in the tourist business. People I have worked with here in Iceland and around the world that have put their heart and soul into their work and quest to bring people to extraordinary experiences around the world. We need to support these people so that they will be there for us when travel begins again. You can do that by starting to plan your next trip in cooperation with them.

Reykjavik amazing sunsets all year round – Photo by Helga Stina

3. Looking out of the box is essential here. When most of my clients contact me, in the beginning of their planning process for a trip to Iceland, they want to see as much as possible in the shortest time. I have managed in most cases to pursue them to do their trip a bit slower. Connecting to nature, culture and people. After all your vacation is where you recharge and enjoy being alone or with your loved ones, so why not breath in and enjoy to the fullest.

Being in total relaxation for a couple of days in this environment is a treat of a lifetime – Photo by Helga Stina

Have you ever had a vacation where you were forced to be in the moment and relax? Is it possible to be a tourist when you have to quarantine? Yes it is. By working with professionals who have your interests and well being in mind you can travel to Iceland, even though you have to quarantine for 4 to 5 days.

Imagine being in a cottage on the countryside with a hot pot outside for your private use and amazing views, nature and walking paths surrounding you. Imagine you get wonderful food brought to your cottage every day. Imagine being able to drive to beautiful attractions to explore, hike, take pictures and breath in the fresh air of Iceland.

When traveling to Iceland these days, all travelers must quarantine for up to 5 days. You get tested at the airport on arrival and you get tested again a few days later to make sure you don´t have the virus.

Volcanic beaches all around Iceland – Photo by Frida

The only way is up from here and dreaming, planning well in advance and enjoying is essential on our way up. By using a travel planner for your journey you make sure you get the newest information from the location you are traveling to, to make sure your trip goes as smooth as possible.

Keep dreaming – Start planning

Contact me for more information on how to go about when traveling to Iceland during covid times. A personal travel planner makes sure all aspects of you journey are thought of and is in contact before and during your stay to make sure you enjoy to the fullest every step of they way.

Greetings – Helga Stína founder and owner at Iceland Unwrapped by helgastina

Top photo by Helga Stina

Photo by Helga Stina


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