The joy of connecting in Iceland – Dining with the Icelanders

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The experience of sharing a meal with a family or an individual in their homes makes the visit to Iceland even more unforgettable. That’s why my clients often want to include the experience of connecting in Iceland with locals.

I am a connector by nature. I have always loved to see what happens when you mix people together that have never met. Having food with people is such an important part of the travel to get to know the real essence of the people.

How to drink water in Iceland – Photo by Helga Stina

Why Dining with the Icelanders and connecting in Iceland?

This idea of inviting travelers to an Icelandic home came to me some years ago when I met people who had travelled multiple times to Iceland without meeting an Icelander on their path.

This is not a new invention. People who travel around the world have experiences having dinner with locals since the beginning of times on their journeys. What is clear is that meeting a local, an Icelander or others living in Iceland, connects the world. I have seen it happen many times.

Photo by Helga Stina

Who are the hosts?

It´s so exciting that my extended network has been up for experiencing the joy of meeting people from all over the world. My hosts are all kinds of people, from various backgrounds and with all kinds of professions and experiences. People who are interested in others and who are also great cooks. They open their homes to the travelers.

We are fortunate to have in our Dining with the Icelanders a network of for example an opera singer, a professional chef, a vegan chef, a city council member, a school teacher, a bus driver, a social worker, former vice mayor of Reykjavik, a journalist, a known food specialist, musicians, nurses, artists and many more. Two of the things they have in common is the love for meeting and connecting with people and enjoying good food.

Photo by Helga Stína

Here is some of their feedback.

“The dinner party isn’t just about the food, it’s about meeting new people and giving them insight into Icelandic everyday life.” (A family near Reykjavik)

“It‘s a lot of fun to entertain at home, it‘s interesting to meet groups of people of various backgrounds and find out that there are good people everywhere. Every time it‘s a great experience for us. People come because they want to have fun, so cheerful and friendly atmosphere comes automatically. The best is when everyone rolls over with laughter!”. (A host couple living in The Westfjords and Reykjavik)

“It’s incredibly fun and rewarding. Meeting people from all over the world and introducing them to Icelandic culture and not to mention the culinary traditions”. (A host in Reykjavik)

“I had the joy of entertaining a large group of people from different countries. We had a really enjoyable evening with interesting conversation over a leg of lamb. It is precious and inspirational for people to meet the locals in their homes when experiencing Iceland”. (A host near Reykjavik)

Photo by Helga Stina

The bigger picture

When you feed someone you wish them the best and when you receive food, you wish your hosts the best as well. It´s as simple as that.

Food and togetherness builds bridges. And it is so much fun to hear about different cultures and perspectives and to realize the human connections and similarities as well.

With this approach the travelers do not only visit Iceland as a tourist destination but make friendships in Iceland. I know of people still staying in touch and people who have visited each other in the following.

Plokkfiskur – Photo by Helga Stína

Here are some of the quotes from my clients;

“Warm and wonderful evening with Icelandic couple-fascinating conversation.” (Clients from the US)

“We really liked this dinner experience – our hosts were ever so friendly and hospitable – we all really enjoyed the company, the food and the unique occasion!” (Clients from the Netherlands)

“We loved coming to the home of the Icelanders! We felt welcome from the minute we walked through the door until we left”. (Clients from the US)

“The dinner we had in the Meeting the Icelanders experience was one of the best meals we had on the trip. The food was spectacular – so fresh and prepared perfectly! The ingredients were all locally sourced, the fish was just caught by her father and the lettuce fresh from the greenhouse … it was all so, so good. And it was also just wonderful to enjoy a well prepared meal with nice and interesting people. To connect on a human level” (A client from the US)

“If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable dining experience, I wholeheartedly recommend “Dining with the Icelanders.” It’s an experience that will leave you with a heart full of joy and a newfound appreciation for Icelandic culture and cuisine”. (A client from the US)

Photo by Rakel

Dining with the Icelanders is a simple and effective way to change and connect the world.

Dining with the Icelanders is available for visitors with a travel plan by Iceland Unwrapped

More on www.icelandunwrapped.com

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