Iceland vacation planning -The importance of enjoying on your path

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When it comes to Iceland vacation planning there are a lot of factors to consider. My husband often says that Iceland can be a bit exhausting in the sense of having so many beautiful attractions all around.

It’s true. Most of Iceland´s attractions could individually be a tourist attraction in many countries of the world.

Waterfalls are many in Iceland. Different in size and shape. Sometimes you can go behind, sometimes above and sometimes inside – Photo by Helga Stína

Can you see everything?

That is why it is important when traveling in Iceland, to enjoy the moment and you will for sure not be able to see everything. There is so much of everything that it´s simply impossible.

In these times of constant distractions it´s even more important to enjoy the quiet moments that come our way.

A cup of coffee with a view, reading a book by an author from the areas you travel in, a dip in a hot tub before going on your adventure of the day, makes the trip to Iceland even more rewarding, relaxing and unforgettable.

Or….relaxing in a hot tub, with a glass in hand under the Northern lights after a wonderful meal and adventures of the day.

The Northern lights season is from August to April. Photo By Piotr Krajewski

Staying in each place for two or more nights makes it possible to breath in the Iceland I would like to present to you. A country of space, breathtaking nature, good people. rich history, music, literature and art.

So Iceland is so much than just another waterfall. It´s all about how you choose to travel, enjoying and the planning beforehand.

Happy clients make our day.

“Iceland Unwrapped – Outstanding, professional guidance and really deep knowledge for a custom made journey” (A client traveling in the summer of 2023).

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