The Iceland Experience – The feeling of Iceland

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Iceland is hot. And Iceland is cool.

These aren’t just statements about temperature or the country’s desirability as a popular tourist destination.

They actually capture the essence of the place in a lot of ways.  

When traveling to Iceland, you actually have a lot of control over the nature of your Iceland experience. How do you really want to experience this country?

Photo by Piotr Krajewski

You can go to the same places where your friends, and their friends, and their friends, took roughly the same Instagram shots of the same waterfalls or the same popular bathing destination. 

Photo by Helga Stina – Seljalandsfoss

Or, you can go a little further, and take your selfies at the places your friends didn’t make it to.

The biggest secret about Iceland is that it gets better and better the further you go or the longer you stay. And the more time you spend in each place, the more of the “feeling of Iceland” you get to experience. 

There are mountains and waterfalls everywhere. There are geothermal baths ranging from those at public swimming pools in the countryside, to exclusive and fancy spas, to splash bathing destinations like Myvatn and GeoSea in Iceland’s North. In the summer the natural pools in the highlands and elsewhere are an unforgettable experience. 

Photo by Helga Stina

In the winter, you may find frozen waterfalls – not far from places where steam rises through the ground. 

In the spring, you’ll see green meadows, and mountains capped with snow.

Siglufjörður – Photo by helgastina

In the summer, the midnight sun makes possible round-the-clock adventures, like late-night golf or a walk in a national park long after the tourist buses have left.

Photo by Helga Stina

And in the fall, the colors of plants, earth and water combine for memorable views and vistas.

There are sometimes rare and extreme moments like a short-lived volcano eruption, and more frequent, though still unpredictable events like a full-on Northern Lights show.

Photo by Piotr Krajewski

And hidden gems like a hotel room that Eric Clapton always stays at when he’s salmon fishing.

The feeling of Iceland is nationwide – and it’s not just in the places you’re expecting to find it.

To truly get the Iceland experience, engage all your senses. Let the air fill your lungs, carrying hints of salt from the nearby ocean. Feel the cool mist from waterfalls against your skin and the rugged texture of volcanic rock beneath your feet. Feast your eyes on rugged mountains, glaciers, and lava fields. Taste the subtle yet surprising flavors of Iceland’s food and listen to the sounds of nature. 

Photo by Helga Stina

So, in essence, it’s not about a singular waterfall, geyser, hot spring, glacier or mountain. The Iceland experience is a feeling and with the right guidance you can make your trip to Iceland a memorable experience rather than just another checkbox on a travel itinerary.

You can schedule a talk with our experts or read more of our blogs to plan for your journey ahead.

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