Summer is closer than you think – By Helga Stína

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What do I need to know when I plan my trip to Iceland? Booking in advance is the most important part as summer is the high season in Iceland. It might seem a bit unseasonal to be thinking about summer in Iceland.

But when  darkness dominates the skies in these last months of the year it’s good to think about what is ahead of us in a few months’ time.

Summer is actually closer than you think, especially with Iceland expecting another record travel year.

Here are the summer things I  look most forward to:

Early summer morning in June.

Enjoying a cup of coffee looking at the farmers cutting the fresh grass to have enough for their stock for the following winter.

A breakfast picnic with a gorgeous view of a glacier.

Hiking in a beautiful area in the highlands or anywhere in Iceland.

Mountains, lava fields, caves,  glaciers and geothermal areas. All of the colors imaginable. Having a sip of the freshest glacier water from a creek on your path.

Getting wet when going behind or in front of a beautiful waterfall.

Kayaking, rafting, snowmobiling on the glacier or fishing on a little fisherman boat, spotting whales and seals in the stillness.

Dinner in a beautiful fishing village with the locals, enjoying the freshest fish possible, a beer from a local brewery and vegetables from a geothermal greenhouse.

Enjoying a good glass of something in a hot tub in nature, soaking in the midnight sun.

Dancing until the early mornings as the day never ends in the summer.

These are the summer things I look forward to.

Are you planning a trip to Iceland for 2024?

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