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As an expert on connecting business travelers on company trips with local entrepreneurs in Iceland, I have witnessed firsthand the remarkable resilience and ingenuity of the Icelandic people, rooted in a long history of overcoming challenges in a harsh environment. My family’s roots in fishing and farming in the west and Westfjords of Iceland serve as a testament to this enduring spirit, with each generation adapting to the unique conditions of life on this remote island.

One shining example of Icelandic entrepreneurship is Kerecis, the Medical-Fish-Skin Company based in the Westfjords. Despite coming from a town of less than 3000 people, Kerecis has garnered international attention for its innovative use of fish skin in medical applications, demonstrating the power of harnessing Iceland’s abundant natural resources to improve lives. Their story serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and illustrates the  potential for innovation in unexpected places.

But Kerecis is just one among many success stories in Iceland’s entrepreneurial landscape. From groundbreaking ventures in green energy to pioneering initiatives in food production and advancements in gender equality, Icelandic entrepreneurs are driving positive change and shaping the future of their industries. Their willingness to push boundaries, embrace sustainability, and think outside the box makes Iceland a compelling destination for business travelers seeking inspiration and collaboration. 


How can we help you create the company trip of a lifetime?


At Iceland Unwrapped, we specialize in facilitating meaningful connections between visiting companies and the local business community. Whether you’re interested in exploring opportunities in renewable energy, sustainable agriculture, education, or innovative healthcare solutions, we can tailor an itinerary to connect you with the most dynamic and forward-thinking companies across Iceland. Get in touch with us today to start planning your next business trip with a difference.

Besides connecting business travelers with pioneering companies in Iceland, we also offer unique team-building experiences in Iceland’s natural landscapes. Imagine bonding with your colleagues while hiking to a secluded waterfall, on a glacier expedition, or enjoying a traditional Icelandic feast under the midnight sun. Our team-building activities are designed to foster collaboration, boost morale, and create lasting memories.

For more information on business opportunities and our services, visit our business site. 

You can also explore our LinkedIn page for more examples of successful connections made between business travelers and local experts.

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