Iceland – Geothermal water and Northern lights

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It is soon time. The time of the Northern Lights in the North is arriving again. The best time to witness this beautiful and extraordinary event in Iceland is between last September until March.
To be honest, I didn´t notice any Northern Lights when I was a kid. I guess when they are always there you kind of get used to it, it gets integrated in you, and I wasn´t very tall so I didn´t look that far up actually.
I remember seeing them or realizing them for the first time, sitting in a warm Jacuzzi in a summerhouse on the countryside in Iceland. It was in January, my face was freezing cold and I saw this amazing sight in the sky for hours. Unforgettable. Still get goose bumps when thinking about it.
I have, in the past 13 years, since I moved abroad, woken my family and friends up in the middle of the night, when travelling in Iceland, to see the Northern Lights in our pajamas.
In some hotels in Iceland, guests are woken up at night if there is a Northern light show going on. This is a natural phenomenon so you cannot just switch them on and off. That´s the good part for all the control freaks of this world to get us all earth connected.  It is truly an unforgettable experience and powerful.
In recent years people all over the world have chosen Iceland to experience the Northern Lights. Of course you have The Northern lights in other Northern countries, but what makes it unique in Iceland is the geothermal water and the warm pools around everywhere.  The combination of the two is worth a trip to Iceland in it self. That makes this experience authentic and truly unforgettable.
For further information on how to get to a warm pool and see the Northern Lights, please contact Iceland by helgastina and  you have a possibility of an authentic and personal trip to Iceland, meeting the Icelanders and exploring hidden gems.
Photo by Grétar Már Axelsson

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