Is it a good idea to travel with children to Iceland?

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Travelling with children in Iceland

Iceland is many people’s dream. Sometimes I get the question if Iceland is suitable for children or that even if it is too dangerous to bring children along.

To me Iceland is a paradise for children. Living in Denmark for ten years and in Holland for the last four, I appreciate what Iceland means to my son the ten year old.

Space is what comes first to mind. The possibility of running around, running on the lava fields, running up and down a hill or a mountain, running on the shore in crazy winds.

Our favorite when travelling in Iceland is going to one of the geothermal pools you can find in almost any tiny town in Iceland. Sitting in a warm pool, going on a slide into the pool or just hanging around talking to the locals, looking at the view. Many locals visit the local pool at least once or twice a week, some of them daily.

Iceland is filled with mystical things like the trolls, elves and the hidden people. These folk stories are a big part of the culture of the Icelandic people and are integrated into the habits and way of living.

History is important to explore in Iceland. Histories of Vikings and other historical figures can be found everywhere around the country, and this is a fascinating way to explore and to understand a bit more how this nation, on a rock in the middle of the Atlantic has survived hard nature and has been formed in many ways by nature, folk tales and the will to survive and invent solutions to have a good life.

Last but not least, meeting the locals for a dinner where you can meet other children to discuss the differences and also how we all are connected is a precious experience to give to one’s child.


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(Picture – Midnight in June camping)

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