An autumn journey into wellness – By Helga Stina

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Last week, I returned again to Iceland to visit some of my hospitality partners – and made yet another interesting discovery in the town of Hafnarfjordur, just outside Reykjavik.

The town council has decided to use one of the most beautiful buildings in Iceland, a former hospital, as a home for new businesses focusing on wellness. Together, they offer a holistic approach where mind, body, and soul can be nurtured in the same place.

Sometimes it is good to take a break and focus on where you are at and where you are heading – photo by Helga Stina

Guðbjörg and Ingibjörg, two of the founders, are looking to serve companies, institutions and individuals by offering them the opportunity to snap out of their stressful realities and focus on being present and exploring themselves, taking advantage of the nearby lava fields and the unique and inspiring scenery of the area.

A particular focus are those in service professions – people who work with people – who often give so much of themselves that they can benefit from some restorative care in a peaceful yet beautiful setting.

It´s precious to have nature and peace close by – Photo by Helga Stina

This includes, doctors, nurses, teachers and everyone else that is specialised in helping others. Come to think of it, everyone working anywhere can fit the criteria, bankers, lawyers, engineers, shopkeepers, human resource managers, PR directors and the list is endless.

As they say when you are flying on an airplane: put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others. That makes sense don´t you think? How can we become better professionals without forgetting to nurture ourselves in the process.

Every season has it´s charm in Iceland. Autumn is beautiful with it´s colors and mystical light – Photo by Helga Stina

Groups from workplaces, institutions or private or family groups can focus on themselves, get inspired, have a mindful experience with great walks, conversations, healthy food and guidance of qualified specialists with great experience in working with people, getting the best out of each and everyone. A focus on you as a human to make you even better as a specialist working with other humans.

But why Iceland?

It is quite incredible to witness what happens to people when they visit Iceland. In a few days people de-stress and gain a new perspective towards themselves and the nature surrounding them. In that atmosphere, there emerges a possibility for growth and expression that might be difficult in a big, busy city or in a person‘s normal routine.

Iceland is great for all ages. Always time to let the imagination go free – Photo by Helga Stina

Being able to rejuvenate in nature, yet be only five minutes from a town with all the required amenities is an extraordinary possibility, a rare one indeed.

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